Various Artists (Gavril, Gogol, Frank Sonic, Modul Kollektiv and Darksidevinyl) Elements V

The mighty ZEHN Records hits release number 31 with a various artists EP including melodic techno tracks from Gavril, Gogol, Frank Sonic & L-EX , Modul Kollektiv and Darksidevinyl.

Gavril opens up with the excellent ‘Another Sensation’ and shows a love of melodic techno. It’s an expansive track with a slowly building lead that grows in stature over a smooth drum groove. Keys rain down from above after the breakdown, and the whole thing is perfect moody and thoughtful. Gogol’s ‘Pyro’ is another atmospheric and spacious melodic techno roller that slowly but surely unfolds into real cosmic and melodic majesty. The leads are shimmering and sensuous and add real weight to the grooves. Frank Sonic & L-EX combine to great effect on ‘Hulk’, a dainty afro house tune with a dancing bassline and nibble chords that floor about the mix to bring colour and sci-fi vibes. Patient but powerful, it’s a serene track for sure.

Modul Kollektiv then follows up a wealth of top tech leaning tunes on Kittball Records, Recovery Tech and others with ‘Phobos’, which was co-produced by Jean Michel Schober who together offer up a spaced out afro house track with futuristic Detroit chord stabs and sweeping pads that take you into another galaxy with a reals sense of class. Closing things out is Darksidevinyl, who hails from Egypt and is based in St. Petersburg so brings afro qualities to his work, with the deep and brooding techno roller that is ‘Makadonya.’ It’s a wide open and cavernous track with gentlefolks percussion hanging above the drums and suggestive synths drifting off in the distance. Organic yet synthetic, it has a flute- like lead that really casts a spell.

‘Elements V’ drops via ZEHN Records on 12th June 2020


  1. Gavril – Another Sensation (ELF EDIT)
  2. Gogol – Pyro
  3. Frank Sonic – Hulk
  4. Modul Kollektiv – Phobos
  5. Darksidevinyl – Makadonya


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